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Here Is How You Can Strengthen A Door

Every year, businesses spend about 800 million dollars on burglaries. Most of these robberies are executed during business closing hours and 58% of the burglaries forced entry. Without forgetting one of every burglar reports gaining entry by collecting locks or using a key. It is sufficient evidence that most businesses can be broken into by nearly any person planning to rob a business. In addition, it reveals the security threats that business owners are prone to each day. Business owners should be aware that no business is not prone to break-ins so the best thing to do is to put in proper security measures. The tips below show how you can strengthen your door and all that you need to ensure that your business is safe.

Make sure that the door frames are strong. No matter the silk plates put on your door, if it is kicked continuously, it might end up breaking in the door frame. The reason for this is that the frame that secures the strike plate in position is normally an inch thick. Because of these the best thing for you to do is try then your door frame such that it can withstand vigorous entry. You should consider having a layer of steel on your door frame because that is the best way to ensure that they do not split.

Do not forget to reinforce the door edges. Once you are done reinforcing the door frame, it is now time to take care of the door itself. One of the weakest parts of your door is the door edges. It is the part of the door through which bolts pass through to look into the frame. The bolt and the latch strengthen the door edge to the frame. What this means that if your door’s frame is strengthened the edge will be destroyed in a forceful entry. You can strengthen your door frame by adding a door cover around it. A door wrap creates a huge surface area essential to share the force over hence making it difficult to gain forcible entry.

Procure the hinges to harden the door. Many commercial doors have exposed hinges that can be removed easily and the door pulled out of the frame. You might want to harden the door hinges by adding jamb pins so that you avoid your door from being plucked out. The process of installation entails removing the screws in each hinge and putting in security pins.

Always go for high resistant security locks. Similar to some lock homes, some business locks as well can be easily bumped and picked. Thus, the best thing for you to do is to have your business’ door lock inspected to be confident that it is high resistance. It is paramount for you to comprehend commercial door lock grading as it will assist you to choose the ideal high-security lock if you need to replace your locks.

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