Fireman? Football Player?

At some point, boys usually dreamed of growing up to be a professional football players or a fireman, but Few could ever become either one. Baylor offensive lineman Danny Watkins, a former firefighter and will soon become a NFL player wearing NFL football authentic jerseys wholesale – although he became a football player is like an accident. Like all red-blooded Canadians, Watkins grew up playing hockey in Kelowna, British Columbia instead of football. At the age of 16, he volunteered at the local fire department for school credit, mainly to get out of class. He stuck with it, and in his 18 , he graduated to the paid-on-call program to become a full-time firefighter. in his 22, his captain suggested Watkins enroll in a course in fire science at Butte Community College in California, where the new 6-foot-4, 290-pound kid on campus couldn’t hide from the football coaches for long. After two years at Butte, he moved on to Baylor, replacing left tackle Jason Smith, the No. 2 overall pick in 2009. After two years in Waco, he was voted second-team All-Big 12 by league coaches, and is widely expected to be a late first-round or early second-round pick later this month. At least he’s not too humble to leave off the “yet” when he’s referring to his bank account. Depending on how the NFL’s ongoing labor impasse plays out, he’ll be able to outfit the entire department with a fleet of gleaming new trucks by the end of the year. And if by any chance some ill-considered player protest starts to get out of hand, there are already professionals on the scene and he can wearing that replica football jerseys.}