Barcelona 5 Lionel Messi Trident C Ah-Quero

10/11 La Liga season officially ended, the defending champion Real Madrid beat Barcelona, ??but the latter rely on the powerful strength of the league runner-up and Valencia into the Champions League next season with the race. This has nfl jersey hot also allowed the best team in La Liga this season, the selection, the red and blue army, and the Galaxy once again occupy the vast majority of ships position. Goalkeepers: Valdes The Barcelona goalkeeper this season is undoubtedly the most consistent goalkeeper in La Liga, 38 league opponents 21 times he just break the gates. Of course, to some extent, and finishing strong control on Barcelona, ??which makes him the number of threats is not so much, but as long as Valdes watched most games this season, I think you will understand his Barcelona important role, particularly his ability to ultra-sensitive single-handedly bashing is so red and blue army several times in the game escape from the opponent’s counter-attack, which also made him a solid performance once again won the Zamora award. The defense: Alves, Pique, Carvalho, Marcelo Messi moved with the middle of the season complete, Al Davis can be said that Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey single-handedly hold up the Barca attack on the right, and his sharp break and the transfer is also directly lead to a lot of opportunities. According to OPTA statistics, Brazil backs this season, heard a total of 2533 times pass, in the Barcelona squad after Xavi and Andres Iniesta. In addition, his 14 assists also ranked third in the Primera Liga. In halfback position which should have a place Puyol, Barcelona captain again this season reflects his important role on the team defense, but this season because of injury he had just 17 league appearances. Peak good but assumed the responsibility, even though the state this season, is not above Barcelona Shaoxia season, La Liga, but he was one of the most consistent defender, in addition to the team a rare clean sheet, but the Shakira current boyfriend, steals all season success rate of 85.5%, believe that the data speak for themselves. In addition, he also contributed three goals in Barcelona and 1 assists. Carvalho is also worthy of the best team in this selected, Portugal Tiewei not only in the defensive end this season, play an important role in the offense is more a continuation of his reputation as defender knife, Real Madrid this season into a total of 3 goals. Marcelo La Liga this season is the best left-back person, and for the Brazilians themselves, this is his career best season. He left a good offense makes up for with their lack of defense, but offensively he is to Real Madrid in La Liga into New York Giants Jersey 3 balls. He also successfully promoted to one of the team’s third captain. Midfielders: Xavi, Ozil, Martinez Harvey once again demonstrated their midfield maestro’s style, the entire 3411 season for Barcelona came second pass, the data ranked first in the league, and his teammates also contributed directly to 8 assists. Fully mobilized his passing red and blue army, as long as his presence, Barcelona can always produce enough threat. Although Iniesta had a career best season, but first came to La Liga Ozil undoubtedly more persuasive. Whether it is in the middle or two wings, Ozil always make the best choice, in 36 La Liga appearances this season, he contributed a total of 6 goals in Real Madrid and 18 assists, so data proves that the best organizer of his position of La Liga, in addition he has no doubt that La Liga this season, one of the best signings. In the lumbar position, La Liga this season, there are too many good players, but Harvey Athletic Bilbao – Martinez is undoubtedly the most stable one, are reflected in his offensive and defensive ends out of a top-level lumbar proper quality. All season he has made a Minnesota Vikings Jerseytotal of 145 times in La Liga and effective venue to intercept all the data is the lower back of the first La Liga. He also contributed a total of 51 shots, and 4 goals and 1 assists in the data for a defensive midfielder is also rated as excellent. Forwards: Lionel Messi, C Ronaldo, Sergio Aguero Although the position of the season into the shadow of center, but Messi is still showing his extraordinary strength, the entire season into a total of 52 goals for Barcelona, ??there are 31 balls in the league stadium. In addition to his break to help the team, but Messi is more use of technology and awareness of outstanding individuals who create opportunities for teammates, the entire season with 18 assists to become the league in assists. C Lo 40 goals to eventually become a record top scorer in La Liga, although league title once again missed, but the Portuguese, the Spanish League is undoubtedly the most terrifying killing one device. In addition, he also reflected his own personal war in the sublimation of the team throughout the season, a total of C Real Madrid teammate Luo contributed 10 assists, so that the data in the past, but rare. Rounds the whole season compared to Patrick Willis Jersey Rossi, Sergio Aguero’s performance is not stable enough, but the Argentine striker proved throughout the season, or his ability, he played 32 games in the league into a total of 20 goals The data just below the C Luo and Lionel Messi. The key match his performance is amazing audiences, especially the last one is a hat-trick. 10/11 La Liga season’s best team: Valdes / Alves, Pique, Carvalho, Marcelo / Harvey, Ozil, Martinez / Massey, C Luo, Aquinas Luo}