Moody’s Real Madrid Has Laid The Cornerstone of Tomorrow Rise Before The Galaxy Next Season is Terri

Mourinho has been maintained up to 21 days of silence, but silence is gold even if he pursues, he is still the focus of media attention. Post-match press conference, Mourinho is not present, but was repeatedly asked the journalists to the problems associated with Mourinho. The work of Jose Mourinho this season, Carancahua, said: “Mussina to Real Madrid come to try to accomplish something great cause, the performance of his first Authentic NFL Jerseys year? Data speak for themselves. We won the King’s Cup, which did not get the trophy a long time. Of course, the best or the fans to score, but look at the Bernabeu, I believe the fans are satisfied. “Carancahua also responds to the outside of the conservative criticism of Mourinho tactics: “We are very satisfied. the team proved that there are other titles in addition to the pursuit, we go to more than 100 goals, as we have such a so-called conservative, the team does not play football, so much progress into the the ball is a very good thing. ” Almeria Real Madrid after the game, Mourinho stayed on the pitch for 10 minutes in the locker room, the Portuguese to thank the fans for his support. Match, Real Madrid fans sing over and over again, “Mourinho song,” Mourinho is clearly moved by the fans after the game he will hand on the heart position, to express my sincere gratitude to the fans. Mourinho’s mind at this moment connected with the fans, in fact, support of the fans, Mourinho is also entrenched in Real very reason. Real Madrid coach never superstitious, Heynckes, Bosque, Fabio Capello, who were both fired after the win, but now, Mourinho has already become the club’s largest idol, with Florentino such giant one-third have to respect him. Italian marshal Sacchi said: “Mourinho is a remarkable phenomenon, he is different, he is a natural winner. Mourinho to win the fascination that few people can be compared, and he knows how to the concept of victory to pass to the players. I’ve seen his training, his job very well. When Real Madrid Florentino tell me when Jose Mourinho ready to sign, I said that Mourinho is the best , he is a more imaginative and culture ‘Capello’. ” Real Madrid has officially ended the 2010-11 season, Mourinho has come to assess the performance of the team’s time. Real Madrid two seasons without a crown, almost all resources mobilized to fight against Barcelona, ??but lost the last two years, severely, Florentino Customized NFL jerseys paid only to bully Lipin One of Mourinho, because only he can Barcelona was an unprecedented fight against powerful. Mussina did not allow Lafayette disappointed, even though the league compete in the long red blue gradually been put aside, but to at once in the Cup game, Real Madrid, Barcelona professionals did not let the United States, King’s Cup final victory also proved that this Mu Jiajun, in time, can attack Barcelona in the Primera Liga. Compared to last season, Real Madrid has also been greatly improved. Although Real Madrid in the Primera Liga win or not, but in the King’s Cup and the Champions League, Jose Mourinho’s side are the team has improved significantly. King’s Cup last season, Real Madrid 1 / 16 finals in the Class C team to face humiliation Arco hole, but this season, Mourinho has led his unit to get the King Cup. In the Champions League, Pellegrini’s team and like the previous few seasons of the Real Madrid failed to break through 1 / 8 final clearance, but Mourinho has led his unit into the Champions League semi-finals. Although Pellegrini’s team looks more offensive enough, but in fact it is difficult to say that the style of the team have a stable, but Mourinho’s team goals are the same as last season. Mourinho won the greater freedom, he set up a champion of the division, last summer he introduced Dimaliya, Ozil, Hedi La and players like Carvalho, the team dominated by young players , but there are also stable army veteran, more importantly, look at the players the team is no longer known formations, but arranged according to the actual needs of team, players have to win one full of desire. Under the arrangement in Jose Mourinho, Real Madrid has a Pro Bowl Jerseys bench thick enough, the relative balance between offensive and defensive, it is a quality and competitive team, this team is lacking in the previous Real Madrid. King’s Cup winner will not only remain in the capital to get Mourinho, Real Madrid has long shrouded the impetuous to cool the atmosphere. The end of this season, Mourinho’s stay is no longer the suspense, and soon, his team will face the test. 18 days, Real Madrid and Barcelona earth-shattering duel 4 games, so fans of the Spanish National Derby become routine. If it is always the year, then go to the end of Barcelona and Real Madrid in the league will meet again, wait 7-8 months to make the fans feel very tough. But this year is very special, 8 month, Real Madrid and Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup will be two direct collision, that is, three months later, the fans could enjoy the feast of the national derby. On Jose Mourinho’s side, the ability to meet again with Barcelona, ??was given a equal chance of a revenge. Was eliminated in the Champions League after Barcelona, ??Real Madrid players to finish simmering fresh hope of revenge against Barcelona, ??but apparently the day of revenge has come sooner the better. Mourinho has said that the second season of their team will be better than the first season. People like to see, after repeated tuning Mourinho, and there will be many new team members, will show how the face of the new season, while Barcelona is clearly the best touchstone of the new Real Madrid. Next season, Real Madrid will fight for the King Cup, but obviously a King’s Cup champion no longer enough, the team should make every effort to La Liga next season championship and the Champions League trophy income arms. Real Madrid allowed St. Louis Rams Jerseys Barcelona in the Primera Liga to achieve four consecutive, and in European football, Real Madrid need to get the club in the history of the first 10 Champions League trophy. “Marca”, said the logic of its own people believe football ,2011-12 season for Real Madrid, it will be better, because the most difficult task, it is to the team to grow, has been completed. Real Madrid next season, Mourinho will be a real Team. Real Madrid this summer without major changes in the team, just minor repairs can be carried out, will be able to join the Shaheen and Altintop played a very good leak filled the role. Mourinho blueprint has slowly spread, and now lacks only the full confidence of the blueprint, but as long as I believe Mourinho, he will give you the best return.}